Retro Festival

Newbury Showground, Newbury

A weekend of music, stalls, cars and LIVE MUSIC...did we already mention the music? We are proud to be invited back to this fine's going to be a brilliant weekend and we are proud to be in the Spitfire Pavillion on Sunday - have a ball but save some dance for us.
Tickets available from promoters - please see website


Boogaloo Promotions Jump, Jive and Boogie Weekender

Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth

It was very forward thinking of Queen Victoria to have this lovely hotel opened on her coronation in 1838 so that Boogaloo Promotions could host their famous weekenders. Bands, DJ's, dance classes, and if you fancy it, pop down and get your feet in the sand. We are proud to be back can't wait to see you all dancing. Make a weekend of it and we'll see you on Sunday.

There ain't no party like a Daddio party!”