An Italian in Dursley

Another pre-gig meal, only this time 4 out of 5 Daddios indulgied themselves. As a result the breadth of this review can go beyond the Spaghetti bol's of Britain. A review not without interest that Louis has been involved in for some 12 years. 

So to start- the menu gave Louis a 'feeling' that he may even order a dessert. More monumental than it sounds, folks. He did and a good job too as it saved him from a disappointing main as the SB was too tomatoey for Louis. 

The steak was lovely, the calzone was as a pizza only not as nice due to its very nature of being a pizza attempting a forward till and therby losing an element of charm. 

The pork was 'good' but not great but Charlie wasn't quite sure in which ways. 

Overall a slick looking restaurant with the 'contemporary' decor and approach that you can expect from an Italian trying not to look too 'traditional'. Only one aspect to improve and that is to remove the stains from previous diners' food from the wall.  6 out of 10.