Carfest South.

During our time at the mighty Carfest South, we were treated to an array of fine comestibles... not your standard gig fayre, let me tell you.  Not just a great festival but an optimum eating opportunity.

Even the briefest of shopping trips in the 'Best of Britain' tent, would secure us a bag of tasty pies, scotch eggs, sausage rolls the size of my own thigh (true I have skinny legs, but not in sausage roll terms) and pasties - 5 for £10!  the quality was better than any high street yet the prices meant that even the lowliest of drummers would eat well.  Pudding?  A slice of cake that was as, my Grandmother used to say,  "to die for".  I'm not sure any there are many, if any causes worth dying for, but she did love her cake!