So much food, so little time.

Well my dancing diners,a lot of time has passed since I gave you some results of our arduous pre-gig food research, so I thought I'd better check in.  I wouldn't want you thinking we were starving to death here.   A few years ago, I was back stage at a festival with a very well-known, long-serving rock band who despite being incredibly famous, took the time to chat to lil' ole me... and we got onto the subject of food.  The singer/guitarist revealed in this chat they "never eat after 4.30" on a gig-day.  (By gig-day, I assume they meant stadium gig - but you get the picture). 

Anyway, where was this going??  Oh yeah, whereas S... I mean whereas this mystery band won't eat later than 4.31, at least one of the Daddios will enjoy a meal before a gig - every time!  In a recent gig in Nottingham, we were scuppered by 'pre-theatre bookings' which meant that our first 2 choices of restaurant were full so we played the wild card.  A Turkish place in the heart of the pedestrian zone called Antynka, served us well.  The food was better than expected  - in fact Louis absolutely LOVED the lamb, but what impressed me was the range of courtesy bits and pieces that we hadn't expected.  Green chillies, olives and bread whilst we ordered and then having paid, we received a plate of refreshing orange and melon, followed by some kind of Bailey's-style liqueur. So what am I saying?  I suppose it's the old adage - don't judge a book by its cover - unremarkable from the outside, a carpet that resemble a staircase in a student house, but the ambiance and food were great. 

that's it for now, guten Appetit!

Ding Dong!