It's not bleedin' paintball y'know.

There was a time when a twice-fried chip came on the same morning after menu as the 'still-warm-kebab-that's-been-on-the-radiator-overnight' but those times are over. One crafty musician associated with the DDD's (who shall remain nameless), likes nothing more than a little 'doggy bag' and will talk at length about the delights of the re-fried...I mean 'twice-fried',  wok fried chip, to be enjoyed the following day. This in itself is not a story but recently we were over-served a large portion of chips at a pub where the host was kindly offering us a pre-gig meal. He asked if he might take them home and they reappeared in foil along with a...wait for it...disclaimer that he needed to sign before the chips cold leave the premises. Disclaimer? wow, Scooby!