We're gonna have a food club tonight!

What is this all about eh? Everyone's a food critic now, is that it? Let me explain.

Since the very start, we've had food associations with our music. We've eating pre-gig and post gig. We've written songs in pizzerias, about food, on napkins, on waitresses and even named our 2nd child...I mean CD after it. As a result, over the last 10 years or more we have had the opportunity to eat out a lot....I mean a lot... and there comes a time when even the lowliest musician begins to get a very firm grasp of what constitutes a simple but great Bolognese, a refreshing coffeeĀ or the finest sea food or lamb shank. did someone say 'lamb shank'? We've been lucky, despite our modest waistlines, we have been had some of the finest comestibles and we thought we might start letting you know what, we think, is what. Watch this space!